Cape’s Downtown Compost Initiative

Bicycle-powered curbside compost collection service and community in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Compost Pick-Up Services

The bicycle compost pickup service is a donation-based service in the downtown Cape Girardeau area (from SEMO River Campus to Broadway) with all donations going to support the community native plant garden! If you live in this downtown Cape area and would like to participate, check out the different options available! And, of course, holler at us if you have questions or suggestions!

Weekly Pick-Up

  • Donation-Based ($20 monthly value)
  • Buckets provided
  • Pickup every Thursday evening by bicycle & a clean bucket returned

Bi-Weekly Pick-Up

  • Donation-Based ($10 monthly value)
  • Buckets Provided
  • Pickup every other Thursday evening by bicycle & a clean bucket returned

Monthly Pick-up

  • Donation-Based ($5 monthly value)
  • Buckets Provided
  • Pickup one Thursday evening a month by bicycle & a clean bucket returned

931 million

tons of food goes to waste each year (1).


comes from households, 26% from food service and 13% from retail (1).


of global carbon emissions is linked to unconsumed produce (1).

~4 bike rides

a month can help eliminate excess waste from our downtown community.

Click to download a full "Compost Do's & Don't's" List

What’s Compostable?

The better question may be, what isn’t!? While composting styles vary, we don’t collect bones, meat, plastic, oils, or dairy products.

Here are some ideas of things you CAN compost:

  • Egg shells, coffee grinds, stale chips, bread, crumbs, etc.
  • Fruit scraps & peels
  • Vegetable scraps, peels, and leftovers
  • Yard waste – grass trimmings, weeds, leaves, etc.

See the full “Compost In’s and Out’s” List

Cycling. Compost. Community.

The bicycle is a fun, versatile tool that allows us to operate this human-powered compost service in Downtown Cape Girardeau. Not only do these weekly collection rides cut down on some unnecessary emissions, but more importantly they allow us to celebrate community with fellow volunteer riders and neighbors.

It is our goal, that as a downtown community, we can create an environment that supports blending recreation, education, and responsibility in a way that is fun and sustainable for years to come.

Questions or Suggestions? – we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Thank You! Mixed SOIL